Your Money Fears Mindset

Money Fears not only prevent you from building wealth but they can hurt your health and wellbeing too. You should always accept that certain money concerns are valid, but you don't want to limit yourself to a money-mindset that has you thinking you are not worthy or capable of being rich - and happy!


If you scored 19-30...

You are Money

Your fears about money are blocking your ability to attract great wealth. This limiting money-mindset will hold you back. You must discuss these money fears with a mentor in order to change your perspective so that you can create a more empowered mindset and build the wealth you deserve! 

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If you scored 10-18...

You are Money

You are probably fairly wary of money and still harbour some limitations which are preventing you from building your maximum potential wealth, however you do not let your fears of money completely control your choices where money is concerned. Revisit any Money Fears you Agreed with and try and figure out what it will take to overcome them.

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Money Master the Game by Tony Robbins

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If you scored 0-9...

You are Money

You have little or no fear when it comes to money. You know that you are worthy of wealth and with such a strong money- mindset you can certainly attract abundance. The more money you have the more you can give. You're crushing it!

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