Your Money Beliefs Mindset

Money beliefs are deep rooted within you and you need them to be empowered in order to attract wealth.

In this quiz, your money beliefs were scored according to how empowered they are. For any belief that you were undecided on or disagreed with, you'll need to work on to heal your Money Mindset.
You must ask yourself what it will take for you to agree with them?


If you scored 75-90...

Your Money Beliefs
are Empowered

Your beliefs about money are positive and this enabling money-mindset will allow you to attract and achieve the level of wealth you seek - so long as you do not harbour any limiting money-fears (take my Money Fears Quiz to find out how you score!).

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If you scored 55-74...

Your Money Beliefs
are Solid

You are probably financially stable and fairly positive when it comes to money beliefs however you still harbour limiting beliefs that will hinder you from acquiring the wealth you deserve. You must work on removing these blocks in order to succeed further.

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Money Grows on Trees: Jerremy Newsome

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If you scored 0-54...

Your Money Beliefs
are Woeful

A lower score is perfectly normal, and not uncommon, however your money beliefs are fairly negative and will limit your ability to attract wealth. You probably have difficulty managing your money and don't allow yourself to feel worthy of having lots of money. You have a long way to go to improve your money mindset, however, it is never too late. 

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